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Help Debug my script!!!
~Olga Kiveluchekakol 01/26/2004 12:25 PM
Applications Development 6.5 iSeries

Basically I'm trying to compare some dates and then set actions accordingly.

Say If today >22/12/03 or Today<= 09/01/04 then
X + y = z
or else
if today > 09/01/04 or today <= 23/01/04 then *** This is where the code seems to fail
some action

other action.

end if

My code is below :

If Today() > profileDoc.Dec2nd(0) Or Today() <= profileDoc.Jan1st(0) Then

gnWebDoc.thisbatch = profileDoc.Jan1st(0)

Elseif Today() > profileDoc.Jan1st(0) Or Today() <= profileDoc.Jan2nd(0) Then *** This part would evaluate true if today is 26/01/04 which I do not want to happen!
gnWebDoc.thisbatch = profileDoc.Jan2nd(0)

gnWebDoc.thisbatch = profileDoc.Feb1st(0)
End If

Any ideas on why I'm getting this?


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